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Timber Rights Evaluation Committee

Timber Rights Evaluation Committee


Timber Rights Evaluation Committee






01 June 2003


Prepared by:


Approved by:


Preceded by Procedure No:


Followed by Procedure No:



To prescribe the formation and governance of the Timber Rights Evaluation Committee (TREC)

Applies to:

The Minister of Lands and Forestry

The FC Chief Executive

Each member of the TREC

Reference Documents:

LI 1721

Act 547, Act 571


1.       The Minister issues written invitations to the following persons to be members of the TREC:

a)       the FC Chief Executive, or his representative with the rank not below Director;

b)       the Executive Director, Forest Services Division;

c)       the Administrator of Stool Lands;

d)       the Executive Secretary of the Lands Commission. ;

e)       a representative of the Ghana Institute of Professional Foresters; and

f)         one other person to represent the Ministry of Lands and Forests.

2.       The Minister may also invite a person who has standing and competence in governance issues and is independent of any direct government involvement or commercial interest in the timber industry, to participate in meetings of the TREC as an Independent Observer without voting rights.

3.       Following its first meeting, each position on the TREC is ex officio.�

4.       The FC Chief Executive, or his representative, acts as Chairman of the TREC and is responsible for the conduct of all meetings.

5.       The Procedures Administrator of the TREC Secretariat acts as Secretary of the TREC and is responsible for maintaining records of proceedings and correspondence relating to the TREC's activities.

6.       The FC Chief Executive appoints one or more staff from the Forestry Commission to act as TREC Secretariat with responsibility for day-to-day administrative matters, handling correspondence and record keeping.

7.       The TREC convenes at intervals of not less than 3 months to consider new applications for pre-qualification to bid.

8.       If any appeals relating to TREC's decisions on pre-qualification, which are based upon the submission of new evidence, will be submitted within 10 working days to the TREC Secretariat. These appeals will be considered by TREC, which will reconvene within 15 working days after each notification to applicants.

9.       If any further appeals relating to the TREC's decisions on pre-qualifications will be submitted to the TREC Secretariat which will forward them to the Board of the FC. The Board will send their recommendations and comments on each appeal to TREC.

10.   The TREC also convenes on each day that advertised bids are to be opened.

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