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Advertisement for bids for TUCs

Advertisement for bids for TUCs

Title: Advertisement for bids for TUCs No: 08
Version: 2 Date: 01 June 2003
Prepared by: GB/JD Approved by:  
Preceded by Procedure No: 05, 06 Followed by Procedure No:  
Purpose: To advertise areas available for TUC
Applies to: FC Chief ExecutiveTREC SecretariatRMSC Director
Reference Documents: Act 547 , LI 1721
1.       Advertisements for bidding for TUCs are prepared in batches and advertised on a quarterly basis, not less than two calendar months before scheduled bidding meetings.
2.       If available, each batch should include TUC areas from each of the different size�������categories, in forest reserve and off reserve areas.
3.       At the appropriate time and provided sufficient areas for a batch have been approved by the Chief Executive as being suitable and available for TUC, the Chief Executive instructs the TREC Secretariat to advertise those areas for bidding.
4.       The TREC Secretariat prepares a draft advertisement that: a)    states the enabling act and regulations; b)    lists all areas in the batch by Region, District, Stool land, total estimated yield and, in the case of Forest Reserve, FMU number; c)    states where and how prospectuses and bidding forms can be obtained; d)    states the date, time and location of bidding, (ensuring that the date specified is a normal working day); e)    states that bids must be sealed and physically delivered at the bidding time and location; f)      states that each bid must be accompanied by certification from the Forest Services Division dated not more than 90 days prior to the bid date that: -         the bidder has no outstanding forest related fees or charges and -         the bidder has not been convicted of, or admitted to two or more breaches of forest regulations in the previous two years; g)    states that each bid must be accompanied by a bidder's bond as follows: -         small areas:10 million -         medium areas:50 million -         large areas:100 million h)    states how prospective pre-qualified bidders may obtain further information and make arrangements to inspect the areas.
5.       The TREC Secretariat reviews the draft advertisement with FC Solicitor and forwards the final advertising copy to the FC Chief Executive
6.       The FC Chief Executive signs the advertising copy and arranges for it to be placed in the Lands Concession Bulletin and in at least two regularly published newspapers with nationwide circulation on two dates within a 7-day period as well as for the copy to be posted in accessible places at each regional and district office which administer areas advertised in that batch.

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