The keystone of the Ghana-EU Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) is the establishment of a Timber Legality Assurance System (T-LAS). The TLAS provides the mechanism and institutional arrangement for attesting to the legality compliance status of timber products for sale especially to the EU market. Under the T-LAS, the Timber Industry Development Division is designated as the licensing authority. However, decisions by TIDD to issue FLEGT license will have to be cleared with audit advice from the Timber Validation Department (TVD) of the Forestry Commission.  The TVD is a special creation by the VPA and is responsible for ensuring that all the protocols and procedures that spell out legality citations along the chain of supply and custody are duly observed and complied with.

Noting the critical role of the TVD, the VPA provides for the establishment of a Timber Validation Committee that will exercise oversight responsibility of the operations of the TVD. Annex V of the VPA stipulates that the TVC shall have the character of a multi-stakeholder body that can function as an ombudsman for the LAS implementation. The core function of the TVC is to manage and deal with concerns and complaints that will be brought up in connection with the administration of the LAS.


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Inauguration of the Timber Validation Committee