Timber Industry Development Division (TIDD)

The TIDD is a division of FC responsible for overseeing and ensuring compliance to the laws, regulations and procedures along the supply chain from the transport of logs to the industry floor and to export or trade on the domestic market. The TIDD performs checks and inspections to determine compliance at about six designated points along the supply chain including;

  1. 1. Log Transport

This function is to ensure that timber was at all times transported in accordance with standards prescribed by statute, and logs were covered with requisite official documents.

  1. 2. Imported Timber

TIDD maintains traceability from the point of entry to processing. This is to ensure that all legal requirements for timber imports have been duly complied with.

  1. 3. Log arrival at Processing Plant

The purpose of this function is to testify that daily log arriving daily at log yards are declared and are adequately labelled or tagged and information matches declared records.


  1. 4. Log Processing

This function enables TIDD to ensure that records on log/bolt input are properly accounted for and that company complied with all legal requirements; including industrial relations practices.

  1. 5. Processed Wood

In order to ensure that processed timber has been obtained from legitimate source. Each truck transporting wood is inspected to ensure that it carries with it, a Way Bill in addition to the inspection certificate which details product type, bundle or tag number, species, volume, number of pieces, contract number, destination etc. Data is then uploaded onto WTS for data reconciliation between processed wood inspected and declaration by Timber Validation Department (TVD).

  1. 6. Trade/ Export of Processed wood

The purpose of this activity is to ensure that timber on which FLEGT License is issued satisfied all legal requirements

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Inauguration of the Timber Validation Committee