Forest Services Division(FSD)

The Forest Services Division is the branch of the Forestry Commission responsible for the implementation of policies, laws, regulations and procedures guiding the management and exploitation of forest resources in Ghana. A fundamental activity of the FSD under the GhLAS is the grant of rights to harvest timber. Such rights are of four main categories including:

1. Timber Utilization Contract
2. Timber Utilization Permits
3. Salvage Permits
4. Special Permit

Before the right of exploitation is given out, the FSD conducts ‘Stock Enumeration” to ascertain quantitative information which will be used to determine whether or not a given compartment can be harvested.  The FSD is also in charge of generating information about all trees that are felled through the use of Tree Information Forms (TIF) and Log Information Forms (LIF). Similar tree and log information are captured in the case of Plantation estates. Before all trees could be transported, the FSD is the authority to issue (Log Measurement Conveyance Certificate- LMCC) which is the legal document to permit transportation of logs overland.

As a quality control measure, the Resource Management Support Centre (RMSC) in conjunction with the FSD conducts Post-Harvest Check. This is a monitoring exercise to ascertain that harvesting practices have been complied with and that any unacceptable methods, particularly provisions in the Logging Manual have not been violated.  The checks also covers implementation of requirements regarding payment of compensation and payment of tree tending fees especially in the case of the off reserve forest areas.

News & Events

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Inauguration of the Timber Validation Committee