The Accredited Licensing Authority is another mechanism prescribed under the GhLAS architecture purposely for the issuance of timber legality licences. In Ghana, the Timber Industry Development Division (TIDD) of the Forestry Commission is designated as the accredited Licensing Authority under the Forest Law Enforce, Governance and Trade –FLEGT VPA. The TIDD is the division of the Forestry Commission responsible for the development of the Timber Industry in Ghana and associated trade in timber and wood products.

Under the GhLAS administration, it shall be the responsibility of TIDD to ensure that only timber products that shall pass the test for verification and validation of legality will be issued with Timber Legality Licences as prescribed under the Legislative Instrument -L.I. 2254 of 2017. Timber Legality Licence is the generic description for Licences that have been certified as legal after going through the processes of verification and validation as laid out under the operation of the GhLAS. However, Legality Licences that will be required to cover timber products destined for the EU shall be specially known as FLEGT Licences. All other legality licences to other destinations shall be referred to as ‘Export Licences’.

In the administration of the Timber Legality Licences the TIDD shall develop guideline manuals on how to obtain Timber Legality Licences (FLEGT Licences and Export Licences) to trade in timber products both on the domestic market and for exports. These manuals will include guidelines on how to apply for Timber Legality Licences in Ghana. TIDD shall be operating a trade data base that will be churning out trade statistics describing trends in trade covered by the Timber Legality Licences in Ghana. 

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Inauguration of the Timber Validation Committee